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Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Iconic James Bond Actor

Daniel Craig is a renowned British actor, born on March 2, 1968. He gained international fame for his portrayal of the iconic spy James Bond in the 2006 film "Casino Royale." Craig's versatile acting skills and intense performances have earned him acclaim in both action-packed roles and character-driven dramas.

Before achieving Bond status, Craig starred in various films, showcasing his talent across different genres. His commitment to his craft and ability to bring depth to his characters have solidified his status as a respected actor in the industry.

Daniel Craig's contribution to cinema reaches beyond his role as James Bond, as he continues to take on challenging roles and captivate audiences with his compelling performances.

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The idea of regretting not doing this seemed insane to me. Sitting in the corner at a bar at age 60, saying: 'I could've been Bond. Buy me a drink.' That's the saddest place I could be. At least now at 60 I can say: 'I was Bond. Now buy me a drink.'

I think finding the right person and being with the right person is probably the answer to most things.

A man is still likely to earn more money than a woman, even one doing the same job. You have a far better chance of entering political office or becoming a company director... Women are responsible for two thirds of the work done worldwide, yet earn only 10% of the total income and own 1% of the property... So, are we equals? Until the answer is yes, we must never stop asking.

You need to impress me, outwit me, compete with me? Go ahead, knock yourself out, I have no problem with that at all.

I don't say: 'can't do that', 'won't do that'. I've never thought in that way about work.

You get used to the rejection and you don't take it personally.

I've seen a lot in my life, and everybody goes down the dark, winding staircase eventually. It's a bad place to be and that's why having good friends is always essential. Those are the people who pull you out.

I find it very easy playing Bond. I think he's hilarious. He gets himself into some extraordinarily funny situations.

I'd hate to feel in a comfort zone while I am working. That's not the way I like to do things. I want to be pressurized and challenged every day.

I know in my life there's stuff that will come back because I haven't dealt with it, and it's the same with everybody.

I stopped worrying about being desired a long time ago.

When you read a novel, your own imagery is the most important. It's what makes reading such a wonderful thing.

I don't say: 'can't do that', 'won't do that'. I've never thought in that way about work. The genuine truth, and I do think about this a lot, is that I'm one of the least competitive people you'll ever meet. Except with myself.

Obviously, when I came to do the movie I knew that I was going to have to take my clothes off so I might have worked a little bit harder to keep myself fit. But I think that's the irony of it - you see all these fit and healthy people, and I'm not making any comments on it, but everybody deep down is a f**k up somewhere.

Having a sense of humour is really key. You have to have a sense of humour with these things and I've just tried to remain who I am. My life has changed. It's changed in the fact that I don't have the freedoms I did before, but I've also got a huge amount of other freedoms that came along with it.

Being on your own would be sad, sick and weird. I don't trust myself. I need that balance.

There's a conscious decision to everything I do.

Well the thing is, once you have a snow leopard it's difficult to go back. Everything is going to be slightly disappointing. It's very telling what your choice would be. Because that's probably how you see yourself. We used to play that game as kids and you'd say if you were animal what would you be and it'd usually be the opposite of what it should be. But all animals have got their virtues. You know, cockroaches got virtues.

I genuinely believe that if you want to get in the film business, get in the film business.

I've never really had a desire to do Shakespeare. For me, it's just too many lines.

Any voices or fantasies, he lives with. Those are his everyday life things.

The movie business is based on criminals. Some of them are in movies and some of them make movies.

In all good westerns, the good guy is always a little bit questionable because he kind-of has to make moral judgments.

I've always retained my privacy, but now I protect it even more.

Revenge doesn't stop.

As a kid, I kind of spent my life being amazed by being tricked. I love being tricked. I still love it today.

Nothing is stopping me from doing anything. I haven't got a golden handcuff.

I'm quite good at leaning against a bar.

Privacy is important. Anybody who doesn't think that, they're crap. But I know I'm going to lose some of that and that's something I'll have to deal with.

Good scripts are hard to find.

I’m potentially worth a lot of money, but I’ve got to go and make something that’s worth a lot of money.

There's always going to be someone with a bigger toy than yours.

I've always loved to dress up a bit and show off.

As soon as someone tells me: 'You're rather sexy,' I wish I could disappear. If somebody says: 'You were voted the world's sexiest man,' I have no idea what that means. How do I respond? 'Thank you' is the best you can do. George Clooney is the world's sexiest man, anyway.

I just wanted to play a cowboy for a long time.

I like going to the gym every day because I'm in physiotherapy every day.

We are kidding ourselves if we don't think of the drug business as a legitimate business. It's what funds governments. It's too much money to ignore.

Throw the computer away and don't look on the internet. That's the best thing to do.

I just think that the collective experience of going to see a film is something you can't recreate.

It's not like I go out there to be a sex symbol. I mean, it's nice of course - but embarrassing.

I'm a really bad liar.

There are things about guys who are in the army. They're very particular, they have to be.

I love that my friends are all freaks.

If I was being perfectly honest, which I'm not going to be, I think the movie touches on a lot of things that we all went through... the first kiss, which was more than a first kiss for Harry [Eden], and those electrifying moments when you're a teenager that form who you are as a human being. I think those, for me, are what Baillie captured so well.

It's not like I was trying to be sexy but I had to get fit because I had to be able to do stunts. Also I wanted that, if Bond took his clothes off, he looked like a man who did what he did, which was kill people for a living. I thought the only way to do that was to work out and get fit and buff and get physically into shape.

He knows that you have ability and what he does is he manipulates it and sort of empowers you.

I'm obsessive enough about getting fit, it's ridiculous. I'm 40 now, and I've got to stop doing it soon. I have to start getting fat and old!

My mother gave me a real kick toward cooking, which was that if I wanted to eat, I'd better know how to do it myself.

I never really had a strong accent.

It doesn't matter if you look a million dollars but everybody has their flaws. So that's why it had to be that way. He was living the life, he would stay out for three days probably, get drunk and do whatever he was doing and then hit the gym for two days. But that's the craziness of that lifestyle - you're damaging yourselves in more ways than one.

Suits are looked at more now as a business thing which is kind of a shame. If you're not wearing it just for work, you should try and trick it up a bit.

The bad reviews get to me, believe me.

The last thing on earth I wanted was to make a Bond movie.

A secret is a secret in my mind.

I don't see the world in sexual divisions.

I always wanted to be an actor. I had the arrogance to believe I couldn't be anything else.

I'm definitely not satisfied about my career. I don't know how you can be, it's the very nature of things.

I'm not averse to earning someone; in fact I'd love to earn some money. But also my choices of movies don't tend to make money but I get to make interesting films. But it doesn't mean I don't want to earn shitloads of cash.

It’s not the job of an actor to judge your character.

Anybody can leap off a building.

Every movie I get involved with I get involved in as big a level as I possibly can, but this has been a very much more personal journey for me, so bringing it here tonight there's a sense of relief, there's a sense of just amazement that got here... because it's been a struggle. But this is a good way to launch it and there couldn't be a better way of celebrating this movie than bringing it to the West End.

I like fishing, I like painting; I like painting fish.

I can't go to war with paparazzi.

If you invite someone into your front room you can't be surprised when there are suddenly people outside your windows with cameras.

I'm not James Bond. There's your headline! It's very clear to me that he's the furthest from my character that it's possible to be. It's somebody I play.

I've got to be high class... Which is sad, because I like bars.

I didn't want to do a zoo show. I didn't want to do a study of someone with mental illness. I just wanted to show someone who was trying to live their life.

I never had any boyhood ambitions.

I try not the count chickens, and I really do because there's no point because you go crazy. I'm very happy with the way this is working out. If they do another movie I'd love to do, and we'll fit in it.

I don't want to be a celebrity because that sucks. It's just madness.

I love vodka martinis. I know it's a cliché.

It's a huge challenge, a huge responsibility. Bond is a huge iconic figure in movie history. These opportunities don't come along very often so I thought, 'Why not?'

It doesn't matter whether you have the happiest upbringing... the young Joe Scot had the most dysfunctional family there could be but it's still a family and it's a really good, strong family. But in spite of that he runs away from home. I relate to all of those things very directly. I hit 40 this year but I still think about being a teenager and hopefully I will for the rest of my life. They are important years.

At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don't like that.

You're creating new things in movies and people are going to steal them.