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Kathleen McGowan

Kathleen McGowan

Historical Novelist Weaving Spirituality & History

Kathleen McGowan is an American author and historical novelist, known for her works that blend spirituality, history, and fiction. She was born on March 22, 1963. Her "The Expected One" series weaves together elements of religion, mystery, and romance against a historical backdrop, captivating readers with its unique storytelling.

McGowan's novels delve into themes of divine feminine, spirituality, and hidden histories, offering readers a journey through time and thought-provoking narratives.

Kathleen McGowan's literary contributions have sparked discussions and reflections on spirituality, history, and the intricate connections that shape our understanding of the world.

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ResiliencePerseveranceStrengthHopeAnd remember this most of all: when it is darkest, that is when you can see the stars most clearly.

The pure perfect truth of life is that we are here to create heaven on earth, to bring the perfection of what is above down to us, and in doing so to become transformed as human being into something great and beautiful.

LoveEmpowermentProblem-SolvingThere is no problem for which the instruction to love more is not the solution.

LoveJudgmentLove is love. It is God-given, and a sacrament. It is not for any man to judge.

SubjectivityInterpretationHistory is not what happened but what is written down

OpportunityCreationThe stars remind us every night that we have the opportunity to create heaven on earth. from The Expected One

Letting GoFor love that is not requited in equal measure is not love at all; it is not sacred. And holding on to the ideal of such love can keep us from finding the one that is true.

MotivationGoalsSelf-AwarenessConsequencesPurposeIt is not enough to know what you want, you must also know why you want it, and what you will do once you have it! All those elements impact the world around you and therefore must be considered.

DestinyGuidanceThat the stars guide us, but do not compel us. It is our free will that determines the outcome of all things. God does impose his will on us, rather he makes it known and allows us to choose if we will follow it.

HumilitySelf-PerceptionExpectationsEgoDangerI don't want it to appear that I'm standing up and saying I'm the expected one. That's a dangerous, ego-driven kind of thing.

HappinessLoveRelationshipsConnectionThe only thing sweeter than union is reunion.

HappinessPerhaps it is our obligation to be noble before it is our obligation to be happy.