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Jeff Pinkner

Jeff Pinkner

Acclaimed Screenwriter & Producer

Jeff Pinkner is a talented American screenwriter and producer, born on September 16, 1964. He is renowned for his contributions to television and film, particularly in the realms of science fiction and drama.

Pinkner's notable work includes his involvement in creating and producing the television series "Fringe" (2008-2013), which garnered acclaim for its intricate storytelling and exploration of mysterious phenomena.

His writing talents extended to film as well, with his involvement in projects like "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (2014) and "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" (2017).

Jeff Pinkner's storytelling prowess has captivated audiences, making him a significant figure in both television and film industries.

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Our audience holds us to an incredibly high standard of continuity and emotional authenticity. We don't toy with that, but oftentimes we write stories, in order to spark debate. We're very determined to always give the answer. We don't want to leave a lot of things open to debate, at the end of the day.

Human beings are psychologically far more afraid of bugs than they are of driving a car, whereas people get killed by cars every single day, and there is hardly ever a story of people getting killed by bugs.

QuestionsAudienceSo, we're well aware of the questions that our audience is inevitably going to ask. We're well aware of how carefully they watch the show and hold us to continuity. We're certainly aware of the debates that are going to occur.

ThinkingAttentionWe're well aware of how intelligent our audience is. We're well aware that Fringe is a show that you really need to lean forward into and pay attention to and think about. It's not designed to be a show that you can watch while you're folding laundry.

ChallengesCommitmentStorytellingWe just keep making the shows that we love, and the good news is that we can never rest on our laurels, knowing that we're going to be on forever. We're constantly challenged to write the very best story that we can, week in and week out, hoping that that will allow us to keep telling more of them.

HappinessStorytellingTemptationhen, there's such a temptation to just constantly write things that are going to make the fans happy. Sometimes it takes a little bit of unhappiness to make those happy pay-offs work better. That's something that is fascinating to us and I think has really changed the way that stories are told.

The fans have access to the show and the creators, even if it's not direct. I don't know any television creators that don't follow the message boards. The feedback is so immediate, to see what is working and what isn't, and what's working better than you anticipated.

Character DevelopmentEmotional ImpactWriting ProcessWhat's actually amazing is that, after a couple of years of living with characters and writing characters and talking about characters, as we sit in the writers room and break episodes, it strikes you, every once in awhile, that you're talking about a character that's played by the same actor, who you've been talking about forever. We talk about a character dying, so you get emotional, and then you realize, "Oh, but wait, that actor is still on the show."

UnderstandingRelationshipsHuman NatureCommunicationEvery one of us, as human beings, even in a committed relationship, has moments and thoughts and actions that, whether or not they share them with their loved one, tells you, as much as anything, about them as people and their relationship.

GrowthTransformationHuman NaturePeople are afraid of change. We all are. Human beings are afraid of change, but change can be good.