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Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc

Monégasque racing driver, currently racing in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari. Leclerc won the GP3 Series championship in 2016 and the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2017

Charles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc born 16 October 1997. A Monégasque racing driver, currently racing in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc collected exploits from an early age in karting. French Champion in 2009, then winner of the Monaco Kart Cup in 2010, the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy and the Junior World Cup in 2011, he continued to shine among the world elite of the discipline until 2013.

His rapid rise continued in single-seater from 2014 onwards. Top rookie in Formula Renault in his first season, then in Formula 3 the following year, he raised the pace further in 2016 by winning the GP3 Series before dominating the 2017 season of FIA Formula 2. Spotted by Nicolas Todt in 2010, the All Road Management driver joined the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016 and made his Formula 1 debut in the process. After a convincing first year with the Alfa Romeo Sauber team, he was chosen in 2019 to drive the new Ferrari SF 90. After 7 pole positions, 10 podiums and 2 victories, Charles finished fourth in the World Championship and extended his contract with Ferrari until 2024. The 2020 season was below Charles’ expectation as he could jump on the podium on two occasions only, finishing 8th in the drivers’ classification.

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MonacoRacingFormula 1DrivingMy favorite city to drive is Monaco. I can only choose Monaco. Monaco is where I am born. It’s a very small city and it’s exactly on the same streets I took the bus to go to school. Now I am taking them at 300 km/h in a F1 car. It’s a quite a special feeling.

SportAgeFormula 1DrivingEvery time a young driver comes into F1, the finger's pointed at him over his age. I don't think that's right.

RacingDrivingSpeedIt’s difficult to put into words what we are going through while we drive, this is what I love about this sport. It gives me adrenaline, this is what I like.

SuccessGoalsFailuresSportWhenever you want to reach your goal, obviously you are going through times that are not always easy, it not always goes your way, but if in these difficult times, you keep working, keep being focused on your goal, then you will eventually make it.

SuccessFocusHard workPersistenceSportDreamsWe need to keep working and I am pretty sure the results will come.

FocusSelf-DisciplineSportIt is vitally important for me to concentrate on myself, on the work that I have to do on the track and off it with the engineers, without really thinking about what people are expecting from me on the outside.

SuccessConfidenceSportEvery time you go back to winning, or to the good results, you take back the confidence in yourself and you feel a lot better.

SuccessFocusSportI just fully focus on myself and the job I do in the car and then I think the results will come.

SuccessAmbitionsConfidenceThat first victory, before you get to it, it always seems so far ahead. You're not sure whether you can make it or not. Once you do, obviously it's a relief, but it also helps you to then deal better once you are in the lead of a race.

SuccessFocusSelf-DisciplineMotivationAmbitionsGoalsPersistenceSportI wake up in the morning thinking about victory, I go to sleep thinking about victory, so sometimes it might be hard. But I need to control myself more and, how can I say it politely? Just shut up instead of speaking on the radio.