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Yun Kouga

Yun Kouga

Japanese manga artist

Risa Kimura (Kimura Risa, born July 9, 1965), better known by her pen name Yun Kōga is a Japanese manga artist. She is married to fellow manga artist Tatsuneko, from whom he took the name of Risa Yamada. She is a graduate of Mita Senior High School, Tokyo. She currently lives in Setagaya, Tokyo with her husband and daughter.

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This skin is a nuisance. This skin that separates you and is a nuisance.

I really hate pain. I'd pull my own soul out if it meant I could stop the pain.

But even if you should betray me, I will forgive you.

Even if you lie to me...that's okay. I'll be satisfied with as much of yourself as you can give me.

Please, please. Don't cry like that. I'm going to go mad. I don't want to see you again. I need to see you again... I'm sick of it. Because as soon as we have to say goodbye... I want to die. (Ritsuka)