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Richard Holt Hutton

Richard Holt Hutton

Influential Victorian Writer & Critic

Richard Holt Hutton was a distinguished English writer, critic, and editor, born on June 2, 1826. He made significant contributions to Victorian literature and cultural commentary during the 19th century.

Hutton's prolific career included his role as editor of "The Spectator," where he provided insightful commentary on literature, politics, and social issues of his time.

His writings and critical perspectives continue to offer valuable insights into the Victorian era and its impact on literature and society.

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ImprovementKnowledgeAuthorityNothing would improve newspaper criticism so much as the knowledge that it was to be read by men too hardy to acquiesce in the authoritative statement of the reviewer.

AppreciationCultureHere is the mistake of the cut-and-dried man of culture. He goes about with the secret of having learned to appreciate the "grandstyle." He has lived in Homer till he can recall the roll of that many-sounding sea. He has pored over the lofty and pictorial thought of Plato till he begins to pique himself upon its grandeur. His fancy has been fed on the quaint old-world genius of Herodotus, his judgment on the melancholy wisdom of Tacitus and the complacent cynicism of Gibbon--and of all this he is conscious and proud.

In an age of unscrupulous and shameless book-making, it is a duty to give notice of the rubbish that cumbers the ground. There is no credit, no real power required for this task. It is the work of an intellectual scavenger, and far from being specially honorable.