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Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden

American actress

Katrina Bowden (born September 19, 1988) is an American actress. She is best known for her roles as Cerie on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock (2006–2013) and as Flo Fulton on the CBS daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful (2019–present). She has also appeared in the films Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Sex Drive, Piranha 3DD, American Reunion, and Scary Movie 5.

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Kate Spade has great feminine classics and I love her bags. Designs by Rebecca Taylor, BCBG and Herve Leger are sexy and fun, and they work on my body.

I was a dork. I'm still kind of goofy and clumsy and not always the most graceful person.

I can’t say, "I eat whatever I want when I want," but I have come up with some great treats for myself that are healthy and satisfying.

I love doing horror with comedy twists and I think it's a really fun genre.

I try not to eat too much dairy or gluten.

I'm not a huge fan of horror movies myself because I'm a big baby and I get too scared to watch them.

I've learned to brush off many things.

Keith Powell and Judah Friedlander are like brothers to me.

My mom always told me, "Whatever happens, will happen" or "Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen." I've learned you'll know when you find the right person. When I found the right person, I knew it immediately.

I'm a big fan of spinning and yoga. To strengthen my core, kick-boxing is really effective. The resistance tones everything, and it's a great stress reliever.

I have so many girl crushes, it changes all the time. I love Catherine Zeta Jones, she's so beautiful, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Aniston and Zooey Deschanel; she's adorable.

Focus on the positives and be grateful.