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Kafu Nagai

Kafu Nagai

Japanese writer, essayist, diarist and translator

Kafū Nagai (Nagai Kafū, 3 December 1879 – 30 April 1959) was a Japanese writer, essayist, diarist and translator. His works are noted for their depictions of life in early 20th-century Tokyo, especially among geisha, prostitutes, cabaret dancers, and other denizens of the city's lively entertainment districts.

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I believe that man was created to enjoy himself, indeed, that he can claim it as his legitimate right. In fact, as long as he lives, man cannot help enjoying himself, even if he tries not... . Today the average person, when he hears the word pleasure, immediately thinks of something immoral. But nothing could be more wrong.

Empathy is not merely the basic principle of artistic creation. It is also the only path by which one can reach the truth about life and society.

Nature as it is-nature with nothing selected or discarded from it-cannot become a work of art.

Knowing this to be a worthless life to live, why do I keep living on? Because this life contains something called beauty7.