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George Trumbull Ladd

George Trumbull Ladd

Influential Philosopher & Psychologist

George Trumbull Ladd was a distinguished American philosopher and psychologist, born on January 19, 1842. His significant contributions to the fields of philosophy and psychology have left an enduring impact on the realms of thought and academia.

Ladd's work often focused on the intersection of philosophy and psychology, addressing questions related to consciousness, ethics, and metaphysics. His influential book "Elements of Physiological Psychology" (1887) showcased his insights into the emerging field of psychology.

Throughout his career, George Trumbull Ladd's commitment to intellectual exploration and academic excellence helped shape the landscape of both philosophy and psychology, leaving behind a legacy of thoughtful inquiry and scholarly pursuit.

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Education is so much of an organic unity that, if any of the stages or elements of it be defective, the deficiency is felt throughout all the subsequent growth of the organism.

It is instructive, although somewhat disheartening, for the ardent advocate of a purely scientific psychology to contrast the practice and theories of his colleagues with those of the students of the principal physical sciences.

A high place of honor, although doubtless one to be obtained only after enduring the pangs of a prolonged crucifixion, awaits that philosophical biologist, or that philosopher sufficiently acquainted with scientific biology, who subjects the modern doctrine of evolution to a thoroughly critical analysis, with a view to detect and to estimate its metaphysical assumptions.

Psychology assumes that "things" are and "minds" are; and that, within certain limits determined by the so-called "nature" of both, they act causally upon each other.

Without the ontological assumption which goes with it, what is called science, is nothing but the dreamer's well-ordered dream.

To accept with unquestioning faith, or to refuse to reconsider any particular view held by the Church in the past, is as unreasonable as it is unsafe. The faith of the Church is a progressive affair.