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Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg

Belgian fashion designer

Diane von Fürstenberg (born Diane Simone Michele Halfin, 31 December 1946) is a Belgian fashion designer best known for her wrap dress. She initially rose to prominence in 1969 when she married into the princely German House of Fürstenberg, as the wife of Prince Egon von Fürstenberg. Following their separation in 1972 and divorce in 1983, she has continued to use his family name.

Her fashion company, Diane von Furstenberg (DvF), is available in over 70 countries and 45 free-standing shops worldwide, with the company's headquarters and flagship boutique located in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

She is the past chairwoman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), a position she held from 2006 to 2019 ; in 2014 was listed as the 68th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes; and in 2015 was included in the Time 100, as an icon, by Time magazine. In 2016, she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the New School. In 2019, she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

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When you feel humiliated or things like that, you either use it as fuel to change or you get covered by it.

I'm not the only one; most people's mothers are the most influential person in their life. But my mother survived the camps, and she was very strong. She made me strong, but she wanted me to be strong. That's more important.

I always knew the woman I wanted to be-I knew I wanted to be a woman who was independent a woman who was in the driving seat, a woman who didn't need for the man to decide.

I was fortunate to become the woman I always wanted to be.

My biggest vice is playing solitaire on my iPad. It's bad. I mean, it's ridiculous.

I used to be very insecure about my curly hair, because I lived in a country where everybody had blonde straight hair.

You don’t seduce in the same way at my age. You seduce with brains, with talent. Yesterday for lunch I met the most incredible 90-year-old woman. She survived Auschwitz, she was beautiful, she didn’t have white hair, she didn’t wear glasses. She was totally seductive. I just thought, Oh, my God, I still have time ahead of me.

I sit in the sink (while applying makeup). I do. I've broken more sinks...I sit in the sink, on top of a big square sink in my bathroom with my feet in the basin so I'm very close to the mirror with the good light, and I'm very comfortable. I also manage to put my two phones in the sink so that nothing, but nothing, could get me out of there.

Nature is a source of strength.

The more independent you want to be, the more generous you must be with yourself as a woman.

Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.

The whole point about beauty is its imperfection.

I think all races are represented in America much more than in many other places, but it's also nice to remind people about that ethnic mix. I would like to see more black models and women from different ethnic backgrounds, but I also think that when you are casting, you just choose the most beautiful girl you can find.

All women are strong. My mother survived Auschwitz, and fear wasn't an option when we were growing up. If we were afraid of the dark, we were put into the closet until we weren't.

I was 26 when I invented the wrap dress. It was just a nothing little printed dress made out an jersey, and before I know it, I lived an American Dream making more than 25,000 dresses a week.

There are emerging countries. I mean, there are countries, you know, China, India, and Brazil, and all of these countries that are emerging. They are building homes. They are building - so there is a new lifestyle.

The most important thing is to be healthy, to drink a lot of water, to fight gravity as much as possible. I am one of the few people who decided I wasn't going to do any invasion with my face.

When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.

Passion and persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts. Nothing happens without hard work.

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.

My best friend is me, and I take good care of me.

You only regret what you don't do! Go for it, live your dreams and enjoy it all!

The secret is to enjoy being you.

Generosity is the best investment.

Confidence. If you have it, you can make anything look good.

Insecurity is a waste of time.

That wonderful and terribly frightening journey of self-discovery. That process of growth, of being an independent person, of learning who you are and what you want from life, is the real secret of life, happiness and beauty.

Personal style is accepting who you are.

The important thing is to believe in what you do. Have a big dream and take small steps.

Aging is out of your control. How you handle it, though, is in your hands.

Attitude is everything.

You're always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.

We all have a Wonder Woman inside us.

What makes you attractive is being yourself, being natural, being unaware. Even though makeup is important, you should do it all, and then forget about it. You don't want to look like anyone else, any more than you want to be anyone else. You want to look like you. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery - but it's flattering to someone else. Not to you.

Do less but do better. Get back to yoga. Remember that stress is not progress.

You know, there's a thing about the woman across the room. You see the woman across the room, you think, She's so poised; she's so together. But she looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her.

I don't like to talk about my dreams. I like to make them happen. I prefer to talk about them when they're done.

I must have books everywhere. They're the soul of a room-they reveal the taste, the interests, and the secrets of whoever lives there.

The biggest mistake a woman can make is not to be herself in public or private.

The success of every single woman is the inspiration for another.

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.

For me, traveling and living are the same. How you travel is a symbol of your life.

I wanted to be an empowered woman, and I became an empowered woman. And now I want to empower every woman. And I do it through my clothes, I do it through my words, I do it through my money, I do it through everything.

I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.

You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.

Don't be afraid of your own strength.

In all circumstances, I always look for the light and build around it, with little memory of pain.

I've never met a woman who is not strong, but sometimes they don't let it out. Then there's a tragedy, and then all of a sudden that strength comes. My message is let the strength come out before the tragedy.

I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.

If you're not sure what to wear, if you don't know how everyone else is going to be, then just be at your most beautiful.

Building a wardrobe is like building a circle of friends your whole life.... Your own beauty is to be yourself, but of course we need tools and accessories.

I design for the woman who loves being a woman.

It's not about going to a party. It's life as a party.

The secret to a great marriage is having a great husband.

I always wanted to live a man's life in a woman's body

The older you get, the more you should learn to love life and appreciate the beauty that comes with age.

Italy will always have the best food.

The relationship that counts most in my life is the one I have with myself. I have a great, great, great relationship with myself, and it gets better and better as I get older. The other day, I was talking to Barry in the car and I said, 'I'm so glad I'm me!'

The secret to feeling attractive, and to being attractive, is the confidence that comes from knowing who you are and what you believe in.

The important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.

Clarity is the most important thing. I can compare clarity to pruning in gardening. You know, you need to be clear. If you are not clear, nothing is going to happen. You have to be clear. Then you have to be confident about your vision. And after that, you just have to put a lot of work in.

The real story is that I am very free, that I've managed to be who I wanted to be without compromising.

If you're a good person, the goodness will continue through your descendants.

My goal in life is to be your best friend when you open your closet

Use your brains, your common sense, and do not become an object. The way you look is important, but who you are and how you project it is eventually who you will become and how you will appear.

Feel like a woman, wear a dress!

Silence, nothing is better.

There's design and there's art. Good design is total harmony. There's no better designer than nature - if you look at a branch or a leaf, it's perfect. It's all function. Art is different. It's about emotion. It's about suffering and beauty - but mostly suffering!

You can actually be intimate with the universe.

You know I have never met a woman who is not strong. They don't exist.

If there is one rule for dressing, for fashion, it’s pretty much the same rule as for everything else in life: Don’t go against yourself, don’t go against your own nature. It’s only going to show.

I wanted to be a certain kind of woman. I became that kind of woman.

If you are trying to slip out without waking a sleeping man, zips are a nightmare. Haven't you ever tried to creep out of the room unnoticed the following morning? I've done that many times.