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Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus

Bestselling Author, Technology Futurist, Business strategist, Keynote Speaker

Daniel Burrus is a New York Times bestselling author, technology futurist, business adviser, author, and public speaker in the areas of business strategy, global trends, and disruptive innovation with clients that include Chase, Cisco, Lockhead-Martin, U.S. Department of Defense, Dell, Deloitte, Dow, FedEx, General Electric, IBM, Nestlé Purina, GlaxoSmithKline, Visa, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Disney, and National Restaurant Association, among dozens of others. He has written on the topics of business transformation and technology-driven trends.

The New York Times described Daniel Burrus as a "futurist who talks about how a vision of times ahead can shape business decisions today." Forbes magazine recognized his career as a "strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies" given his role as a technology trends researcher. Burrus has over 1.2 million followers on LinkedIn.

The move from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking, from zero-sum competition to one-hundred-sum collaboration, is not just a “nice” or “moral” idea. In the twenty-first century, it's plain good sense. Scarcity says, “I'm going to keep all my ideas to myself and sell more than anyone else.” Abundance says, “By mentoring, coaching, and sharing all our best ideas, we're going to create a powerful tide that raises all our ships-and we'll all sell more as a result".

Keeping up is a fool's game; seek advantage instead.

Focus on competition has always been a formula for mediocrity.

To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now an imperative to learn a new competency - how to accurately anticipate the future.

I think all of us are looking at the future with yesterday's eyes.

Life is a journey. Part of that journey is not just using your talents, but trying to decide what is your gift and then directing your talents to support your gift so you can soar to new heights.

There’s no competitive advantage in being just like everyone else.

Information is power only if you can take action with it. Then, and only then, does it represent knowledge and, consequently, power.

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