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FashionClothesI wear trainers everywhere. Weddings, parties, definitely red carpets and fashion events. It's bad. And listen, I love shoes. I love high heels. But I buy trainers all the time.

WomanI love being a mixed-race woman in 2017. I feel part of something big. There's this understanding that we're all in it together.

WomanI don't think the people in power realize how detrimental it can be to a way a girl looks at herself if she flips through a magazine and only sees one type of woman.

WomanOne of my aunties inspires me beause of how easily she shows her emotions, and she isn't ever afraid to cry. My mum, for her work ethic - she might not show her emotions in public very much, but she's a total power woman. My grandma, who watched four of her children die before her, she's a powerhouse.

WomanWhat I would say to anyone who wants to be a model is, have something else. This shouldn't be your be-all and end-all in life: there are so many other amazing things to be done in the world. I also think that the industry really celebrates a woman who does something else. So keep at it, but always have something else.

FashionBecause I would be around so many people in the fashion industry, there's this kind of dialogue. People would always say, 'Oh your daughter is so beautiful. Is she a model?' And it was so strange for me to hear because I felt so not beautiful inside.

FashionI've always been obsessed with fashion.

FashionMy mum never put those fashion ideals into the house. I didn't wear make-up, and I had my hair all frizzy.

FashionI used to get scouted outside of Topshop and stuff, and I was brought up in the fashion industry and did a few shoots when I was young, which was always fun to get dressed up.

FashionI did a school fashion show, and I got scouted there, but I wasn't very interested in modeling at that point.